About Health & Safety

The Office of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health's mission is to ensure the
health, safety, and well-being of our members at their worksites.

This is accomplished through site inspections, walk-throughs, agency health and safety committee meetings, resolving complaints and concerns received from organizers, delegates and members as well as filing grievances and/or PESH complaints.

Our staff includes: 

  • Jose Santos, Health and Safety Coordinator: (212) 598 -3048 / email: jsantos@sseu371.org
  • Magda Santos, Health and Safety Coordinator: (212) 598-7050 / email: msantos@sseu371.org
  • Jose covers all agencies and their numerous locations in the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. 
  • Magda covers all agencies and their numerous locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 


Health And Safety

  • Citywide Contract – Article XIV section 2 (a) Adequate, clean, structurally safe and sanitary working facilities shall be provided for all employees.

Common Health & Safety problems:

  • Excessive heat or lack of heat
  • Nonfunctional air conditioning,
  • No hot water
  • Malfunctioning Elevators
  • Rodents
  • Dirty carpets & floors

To resolve a health and safety issue:

  • Notify the site director or office manager
  • Call the Health & Safety Department. If no solution is reached, the issue will be brought before the Health and Safety Committee.
  • If issues are not resolved Step lll grievance (Union grievance) may be filed


All Health & Safety grievances are to be filed at Step III.

  • Send the completed grievance(s) as well as the complaint about the New York State Department of Labor to the Health & Safety Department at the Union Office or Fax a copy to (212) 533-1473 or (212) 505-2584. We will check them for completeness and accuracy. We will then file the complaint with the New York State Department of Labor as well as the grievance at Step III. It is imperative that all Health & Safety problems, throughout the location, be a part of the grievance. If there are members in different programs in the same agency in a particular building, a grievance covering all floors and all members should be filed.
  • At the top of the grievance form fill in the number of SSEU 371 members in the building in
    your agency, your department name, (use the agency name HRA, HPD, ACS, etc. not the
    program or division name,) and the location address. List all the floors included on the (3rd)
    line. Do not fill in other lines in the box such as your address and telephone. Fill in name of
    the agency in section starting, Rules & Regulation, etc. Use; HRA, HPD, ACS, NYCHA not
    your program such as FIA, BEV. The grievant should not have their names or signatures on the front. The grievant should fill out all information and sign their names on the separate List of Grievants/Complainants. The first name listed will be the official grievant and the one notified of hearings. If you want to testify at hearings, list your name first.


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Social Service Employees Union Local 371 is part of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO.

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