About Negotiations & Research

Vice President 

Carl F. Cook (ccook@sseu371.org)

(212) 598-7049

Associate Director 

Doris Murphy (dmurphy@sseu371.org)

(212) 598-7048

Associate Director 

Tanya Hatcher (thatcher@sseu371.org)

(212) 598-7081

Research Assistant

Michelle Blackstock (mblackstock@sseu371.org)

(212) 598-5071

Administrative Assistant

Tiffany L. Harper (tharper@sseu371.org)

(212) 598-7042

Fax: 212-420-1356 
Direct Line: 212-598-7042 Or call 
Main Union Number: 212-677-3900 

Negotiations and Research (N & R) is responsible for negotiating the Social Service and Related Titles (SSRT) contract. We are also responsible for participating in high-level meetings aimed at reaching agreements that benefit our members. N & R reviews and evaluates agency policies and procedures to ensure compliance with existing contracts.  N & R deals with and addresses global issues as they impact more than one member; however, N & R will intervene on singular issues when the decision may have a larger impact.

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Social Service Employees Union Local 371 is part of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO.

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Union Office: 212-677-3900Grievances: 212-677-4414 Dental Office: 212-473-4700 Welfare Fund: 212-777-9000

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