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apply for exemption from the vaccine requirement

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Department of Education Members who want to apply for exemption from the vaccine requirement, or a reasonable accommodation, will now have the opportunity to apply for an exemption to the requirement for 1st shot vaccination by 9/27 based on medical need or religious belief.

As of now, documentation must be submitted by Monday 9/20. Please share widely. Tomorrow is a holiday for DOE but the application will be open.

Applications will be considered but are not a guarantee. Medical documentation must be within the last thirty days. More specific info is available in THIS PDF DOCUMENT. The actual link is only available to DOE employees.

This COVID-19 Vaccine Related Exemption and Accommodation application is for:

* Religious Exemption requests to the mandatory vaccination policy

* Medical Exemption requests to the mandatory vaccination policy

* Medical Accommodation requests where an employee is vaccinated but is unable to mount an immune response to COVID-19 due to preexisting immune conditions.

Applications should be made via the following process:

* Applications must be made using the Self-Service Online Leave Application System (Open external link).

* In SOLAS, employees should select the initial option to “Request Accommodation” and then the option to apply for an Exemption and Accommodation for COVID Vaccine-Related Reasons, and then indicate the category for the application.

* All applications require supporting documentation which must be submitted at the time of application.
More information can be found HERE.


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