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New Benefits!

In February 2020, the Trustees have approved new benefits.

(1) We will now cover Invisalign for all members, and for dependents from 19 years old to 26 years old.*

(2) New implants - Covered lifetime implants have been increased from two to three.

(3) The fee schedule has been increased for in-network dental providers.


No More Vouchers 

Effective of 2016 members will no longer need a voucher to obtain their Optical benefits. What does this mean to you? Basically, it will make it easier to obtain your optical coverage. You will no longer have to wait to receive a voucher from the Welfare Fund. Just pick up the phone and make an appointment with the provider of your choice or walk into an optical store, identify yourself as a member of Local 371 and the Provider will verify your eligibility. After services are rendered, the Provider will ask you to sign a form - it's that simple.

If you need to find a participating provider, just go to the Local 371 website: . Once there, you will see "Find Your Dentist" or "Optical Store" on the right-hand portion of the screen. This will take you to another screen where you will click on "Optical" enter your zip code and finally, select how far you are willing to travel. A listing of participating optical providers within the area you selected will be displayed, including the address and phone number for each.

If you decided not to use a participating optical provider, the Welfare Fund will continue to process your claim. Just complete a multi-benefit claim form and send it in to the Welfare Fund along with a paid, itemized receipt. *CASH REGISTER RECEIPTS AND CANCELLED CHECKS CAN NOT BE PROCESSED. ALL CLAIMS ARE SUBJECT TO AUDIT AND VERIFICATION.* The multi-benefit claim form is also available on the website for download or you may call the Fund office and one will be mailed to you.

If you have any questions, please call the Welfare Fund at (212) 777-9000, Ext. 3060.

VDT (Video Display Terminals) vouchers must still be obtained through the Welfare Fund. 

The VDT Program is an Occupational Vision Care Benefit that allows eligible employees to obtain eyeglasses for video dis­ play terminals in conjunction with their existing Welfare Fund/Union vision care benefits. Employees who meet VDT Program eligibility requirements are entitled to vision examinations, lenses and frames, where necessary, for VDT operation, biennially. 

For VDT eligibility information, please contact your Welfare Fund/Union or your Welfare Fund's/Union's Vision Administra­ tor directly. Please see reverse side for your Welfare Fund/Union contact information. To obtain a VDT Benefit Authorization Form, please contact your Welfare Fund/Union directly when obtaining your regular vision benefits.


What is a VDT?

VDT stands for Video Display­Termin

  •  Some employees may experience visual symptoms, such as eyestrain, when working with VDTs. Often, eyestrain can be reduced by simple changes to the work area. For example, screens and copy should be placed side­by­side, slightly below eye level, and screen brightness and contrast should be properly adjusted. In some cases, eyeglasses pre­ scribed specifically for use at a VDT may also be helpful.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  •  The VDT Program is a biennial (two year) benefit for em­ ployees who regularly and for continuous periods of time operate VDT terminals twenty (20) hours or more per week.

Who is eligible for the program? 

  • Employees who are entitled to Welfare Fund/Union benefits and are covered by the Citywide contract, which includes Mayoralty, NYC Health + Hospitals Corporation (H+H), Housing Authority or employees covered by the Manage­ ment Benefits Fund (MBF), are eligible.

Who is not eligible for this program?

  • Employees of the Department of Education (DOE), City University of New York (CUNY), NYC Transit Authority and Unified Court System employees are not eligible.

What is the standard benefit the program offers?

  • A VDT vision examination is available every twenty­four ( 24) months, when performed at the same time as a regu­ lar vision examination through your Welfare Fund/Union vision care benefit. An employee may obtain an additional pair of corrective lenses and frames for VDT work if the prescription differs from the employee's standard glasses. Please note that the benefit is available to employees only and not to dependents. 


How do you utilize the VDT Benefit?

To use the benefit, you must obtain a vision care voucher "VDT Occupational Vision Care Program Benefit Authori­ zation Form" from your Welfare Fund (e.g., DC 37, MBF, OSA, etc.).

  1.  Complete Sections II and IV on the form and present it to your agency unit supervisor/manager, who will complete Section III certifying that you are eligible for the benefit.
  2.  Arrange for an appointment and take the voucher and the agency approved "VDT Occupational Vision Care Program Benefit Authorization Form" to a participating provider. (Contact your Welfare Fund/Union for a list of approved providers.)
  3. Agencies will allow up to two hours of excused time to take the baseline examination and follow­up examina­ tions. The provider will determine whether you have a need for special lenses.
  4.  Participating providers have agreed to accept the Pro­ gram's allowances for vision examinations, and neces­ sary lenses  and frames, as full payment. 

Except on to the Standard Benefit:

If an employee has already utilized the Welfare Fund/Union benefit and if it is not otherwise possible to postpone an examination un il't he regularly scheduled Welfare Fund/Union entitlement, an exception to the policy may be made only once, on an individual basis, to allow the employee to receive VDT benefits. After this exception, you may only receive the VDT benefit with your Welfare Fund/Union entitlement. 

Please note that the benefit is only available from approved participating providers as a paid-in-/ull benefit. 


Participating Welfare Funds

  • Communications Workers of America (CWA), Local 1180 Security Benefits Fund
    • 212-966-5353
  • DC 37 Health and Security Plan
    • 212-815-1234
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 237 Welfare Fund
    • 212-924-7220
  • Management Benefits Fund (MBF)
    • 800-999-5431 I 212-306-7290 (DV)
  • Organization of Staff Analysts(OSA)
    • 800-999-5431 / 212-686-1229 (DV)
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 300, AFL-CIO, Emp loyees' Welfare Fund
    • 718-383-8945 / 212-505-5050 Ext. 0
  • Social Services Employees Union, Local 371
    • 212-777-9000 I 212-677-3900

Authorized Welfare Fund VDT Vision Care Panels

  • CWA 1180 - General Vision Services (GVS), Comprehensive Professional Systems (CPS), Vision Screening (VS), Vision World (VW).
  • DC 37 - Comprehensive Professional Systems (CPS), Vision Screening (VS), General Vision Services (GVS)
  • Local 237 Welfare Fund - Comprehensive Professional Systems (CPS)
  • MBF -  Davis Vision (DV)
  • OSA -  Davis Vision (DV)
  • SEIU Local 300 - Comprehensive Professional Systems (CPS), General Vision Services (GVS), Vision Screening (VS), Supplemental Benefits Services (SBS) Inc.
  • Social Services Employees Union, Local 371 - Comprehensive Professional Systems

If you have additional questions concerning the VDT Program, please contact the Office of Labor Relations' Employee
Benefits Program at (212) 306-7760.


1095B Forms – 2019

Any member can request a copy of their 2019 1095B Form by contacting the fund as follows: 


Regular mail: SSEU Local Welfare Fund 

1501 Broadway (Suite 450) New York, NY 10036 

Telephone: (212) 777-9000 x 3056 

In all instances, please provide your name, address and last 4 digits of your social security number. If you prefer to have your 1095B emailed to you, please provide an email address.


Download PDFs

Annuity Fund Distribution Election Form - PDF  

Annuity Fund Distribution Form - PDF 




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