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Dear SSEU Local 371 Member,

A digital version of our award-winning monthly publication “The Unionist” is hitting new records in online viewership every month. In fact, it has become so popular among members that we keep on receiving requests to opt-out from a printed version. Considering how costly and complicated it is to print and mail a periodical publication, we decided to streamline utilization of the union recourses by sending a paper version only to the folks who want to receive it by mail.

If you would like to continue receiving a printed version of our award-winning monthly publucation by mail, we ask you to submit a request by scanning the QR-code below with your mobile device camera, or clicking the “Subscribe Now”.

The deadline to opt-in to receive a paper version of “The Unionist” is May 1st, 2024.

If we don’t hear from you by then, we will assume you are happy with the digital-only publication and will stop sending you a printed version.