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City Council Votes YES for Healthcare Accountability!

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Today, the New York City Council unanimously passed the Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act. This is a massive victory for District Council 37 and our partners in the Coalition for Affordable Hospitals.

The Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act, sponsored by City Council Member Julie Menin and Council Member Lynn Schulman among other Council allies, is a step forward in reining in skyrocketing healthcare costs for New York City residents. The bill creates an Office of Health Care Accountability to analyze hospital pricing and provide transparency for medical services.

Why the Healthcare Accountability and Consumer Protection Act is important for DC 37 members:

  • From 2000 to 2023, health care insurance costs for union members and retirees rose from $1.6 billion to $11 billion.
  • This puts enormous pressure on the City, our unions, and taxpayers at a time when New York is recovering from the devastating economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • New York City’s hospital systems hide behind a veil of secrecy in how they charge for medical procedures.
  • The law establishes an Office of Health Care Accountability, a first-in-the-nation agency tasked to develop guidelines, analyze, and report on hospitals’ pricing practices.

DC 37 thanks Council Members Menin and Schulman and the New York City Council for passing this vital legislation.


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