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COVID-19 Vaccine Video

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COVID-19 Vaccine Video

I’m thrilled to share with you a new video about the COVID-19 vaccine, featuring interviews with our colleagues from across the agency as well as many of the photos and selfies submitted by the staff!

I encourage you to watch the COVID-19 vaccine video by clicking here.

As you’ll hear from your colleagues, getting vaccinated is such an important step in bringing an end to this health crisis. When you get vaccinated, you are helping to protect yourself and your family and friends. You are also helping to make your community safer!

As a reminder, those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine include: New Yorkers ages 60 and older; frontline essential workers (including CPS and YDS), and those with underlying conditions and comorbidities. For those of you interested in learning more about the vaccine, we’ve created a dedicated section on the ACS Insider. You can also find it by clicking here. If you have specific questions, please submit them to:

Thank you for your dedication to this agency and your continued support. And a huge thank you to Sam Sills (External Affairs), for producing the video, and to those of you who participated in the video-making process!


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