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De Blasio Says “No”

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Mayor de Blasio Says No to ERI

We have been informed that Mayor de Blasio has said no to opting into the Early Retirement Incentive. According to DC37 Executive Director Henry Garrido, an agreement could not be reached on the titles and number of employees to be included. The city’s refusal to offer the ERI is a major disappointment to thousands of workers who were looking forward to participating and retiring through this incentive.  It is a disappointment to me and to this local because a great deal of time and effort was put into getting the bill passed. 

Although initially the mayor was not in favor, he did support the legislation after we advocated heavily for it. It was widely believed that the city would opt in as a measure to help prevent future layoffs.

This does not mean that layoffs are on the table, because the unions and the city made an agreement that removed that option. However, as we recover from the pandemic, the fiscal condition of the city will affect this issue going forward.


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