About Our Union


Social Service Employees Union Local 371 is part of District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO.

Social Service Employees Union (SSEU) Local 371 exists to represent our members who seek to secure collective bargaining rights through member engagement and community support. SSEU Local 371 seeks to obtain a fair and decent contract to raise the standard of living and the health and safety of all members and the community. Through political empowerment, we mobilize our members to become socially conscious and politically active.


The highest governing body of the Union. Meetings are held once a quarter except for the summer quarter.

Delegate Assembly

Delegates (about 300 at present) elected by the membership of their respective work location(s) each year in the Spring. Number of Delegates is based on work location and union membership count (e.g. 25-74 Members = 1 delegate; 75-124 = 2 delegates).

Alternate Delegates (about 600 at present) substitute for the Delegates in their absence. There are two (2) Alternates for each Delegate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries out the policies and decisions of the Membership and Delegate Assembly on a day to day basis. It’s comprised of:

Officers: Eight elected by the Union membership in the Spring for three (3) year terms.

Delegates: Eight elected by the Delegate Assembly for one (1) year terms.

Chapter Chairpersons: Nine (at present) elected by the Union membership of their respective Chapters in the Spring of every Third year for three-year terms. Chapter Chairperson has the voice and vote in the absence of the Chairperson.

Local Trustees: Three elected by the Union membership in the spring of even-numbered years for three-year terms. They have a voice without a vote.

Benefit Chairpersons: One (at present) with a voice without a vote.


President – Our Union’s Chief Executive

Executive Vice President – Acts on behalf of the President in his/her absence.

Secretary-Treasurer – Our Union’s Chief Financial Officer.

Vice Presidents
  • Negotiation and Research – Responsible for conducting Union contract negotiations and the proper interpretation and application of the contract.
  • Organization/Education – Responsible for organizing public demonstrations, rallies, and other Labor-intensive activities. The dissemination of educational information includes new worker orientation and Delegate training.
  • Grievances/Legal Services – Responsible for contract enforcement and the administration of legal services.
  • Publicity/Community Relations – Responsible for the “Unionist” (Union’s “official voice”) and the Union’s website at http://www.mightyunion.org, along with the Union’s social media pages (FacebookInstagram and Twitter). Liaison with city press corps. Community relations include work with labor, peace and other community groups to promote the positive image of the Local.
  • Legislative/Political Activities – Responsible for monitoring and promoting Union interests within the legislative and political process at the Federal, State, and Local levels.


The Chapters (nine at present) are policymaking bodies for Union members within the specific Chapter’s area of coverage.

Other Delegates

  • District Council – District Council Delegates: (nineteen (19) at present) elected by the Union membership in even-numbered years for two (2) year terms to represent the Local in the District Council Delegates Assembly. Union President is a member ex-officio.
  • Central Labor Council – Central Labor Council Delegates: (nine (9) at present) elected by the Union membership in even-numbered years for two (2) year terms to represent the Local in the New York City Central Labor council. The President serves as an “ex-officio” member.
  • AFSCME Convention – AFSCME Convention Delegates: (19 at present) elected by the Union membership yearly in even-numbered years (or elected as needed for special conventions) to represent the Union at AFSCME conventions. The President serves as AFSCME Delegate “ex-officio”.
  • D.C. 37 City-Wide Retirees Fund – This body has one (1) retiree Representative from Local 371. Municipal Labor Committee – Municipal Labor Committee: One (1) Representative who is the President “ex-officio”.
  • State AFL-CIO – New York State AFL (IO) – Up to 10 Representatives are chosen by the Executive Committee to attend conventions as called in the fall of even-numbered years.

Permanent Bodies

  • Legal Assistance Committee –  Seven members with two (2) year “overlapping” terms. Of the seven Committee membe>rs, three are “ex-offfcio” (President, Secretary-Treasurer and V. P. of Grievances & Legal Services); the remaining four members of the Committee are elected by the Delegate Assembly in the Spring of odd-numbered years.
  • Finance Committee: Five members –  (President, Executive V. P. and the Secretary-Treasurer as “ex-officio” plus two (2) full-time officers or staff members).
  • Central Election Committee – (eighteen (18) members at present) comprised of the Secretary-Treasurer and two (2) Representative from each Chapter. There is an Alternate to each Representative.