Why Eric Adams Will Be The People's Mayor

Read the article from this month's Unionist by Diren O'Bryan

Eric Adams is a true civil servant; he continues to walk in working, middle class, municipal workers’ shoes. He has first-hand knowledge of the commitment it will take to keep our families fed, roofs over our heads, quality education for all and public safety in the communities we live and work in. On November 2, 2021, NYC will cast its vote for the next Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, “The People’s Mayor”.

With so many public safety and quality of life issues threating families across the city, this year’s New York City mayoral election shapes up as the most critical of our generation. Fortunately there is one person on the ballot with the character and the experience needed to provide New York City with the type of leadership we will need to overcome the challenges we’re facing. That person is Eric Adams.

As a native New Yorker, Adams was called into public service at an early age. Having been a victim of police brutality while just a teenager, he was motivated to seek change from within the police department by becoming a police officer. During a 22-year career with the NYPD, Adams distinguished himself throughout the communities he served by advocating for citizens and developing programs aimed at resolving conflicts. He was a co-founder of the advocacy group “100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care.” That organization passionately advocated for criminal justice reform and an end to police brutality. An effective leader, Adams also
earned the respect of his fellow officers and rose to the rank of captain before his retirement from the force.

Our current challenges will require the experience and integrity of a proven leader

In 2006, Adams’ dedication to public service came in the form of a successful run for the New York State Senate. During his four terms of service in the state senate, he once again distinguished himself as a leader serving as the chair of the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committees in 2009 and 2010. Representing the 20th district, he developed a well-deserved reputation for working relentlessly on behalf of the communities he represented to address the issues that affected their quality of life most. Whether the issue was civil rights or public safety, his constituents knew they could count on Eric Adams.

In 2013, he was elected Brooklyn borough president. As the highest ranking political official of what would be America’s fourth largest city, Adams quickly became known as a tireless advocate, making connections between service providers and the people most in need of their services. He has worked valiantly to make a dent in the housing crisis by holding a number of town halls throughout Brooklyn to stop tenant harassment and to encourage the city to build much needed affordable
housing in the Brownsville Community in Brooklyn.

In 2018, Adams championed a $10 million lawsuit against the prominent real estate corporation Kushner Companies for illegal construction practices that exposed children and families to toxic cancer-causing substances. He has been a warrior in the fight for better health care and successfully pushed a bill through the City Council requiring that all municipal buildings providing services to the public have lactation rooms. As Borough President, Adams has never let up on the fight to improve policing to make the streets safer for everyone by getting guns off the streets.

New York City’s next mayor will inherit an economy that has been brutalized by the Covid-19 pandemic, a crime rate that continues to spiral higher and an historic housing crisis. These are problems that will require the experience and integrity of a proven leader. A leader who would say, ‘This is our challenge, New York, and this is our moment to step onto the stage and be fully prepared for the journey ahead.’ Eric Adams is the only candidate with the skills and the temperament to step into this moment and lead.