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Dear members,

As we face the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic together, many of you have come to the union with questions. 
It is important to note that the answers to these questions are evolving as information changes and as we continue to negotiate with the agencies to protect your health and your rights.

The following are the most common questions we have received. 

Please check back regularly as we will update the information as we receive it. We will also post the information on social media. 

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Your health and the health of your families are paramount. Continue to follow common-sense sanitation procedures and socially distance yourself as much as you are able. 

Now, more than ever, we must remain united in solidarity. Most importantly, remember that the union will be here for you to defend you in the coming months and always.

In solidarity,

President Anthony Wells




Q: What is the union doing to address COVID-19 as it relates to the members?

A: The union is addressing issues as they arise relating to COVID-19 with the respective agencies. The union is working to ensure that ALL agreements are being honored as they relate to staggered schedules, alternate work plans, client contact, etc.


Q: Can I telecommute/telework?

A: If your respective agency (program) has set you up to work from home, then yes.  This means that you are provided with tablets, cellular devices and work plans. You must check in with your supervisor throughout the day.  Policy on overtime still applies (preapproval required)


Q: What if someone on my job has been confirmed positive with COVID-19? Or what if I have been tested positive for COVID-19?

A: NYC DCAS has provided guidance for ALL city agencies on leave policy for employees at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please check our website, mightyunion.org, where all such policies are posted as soon as we receive them. If you have tested positive, DO NOT come to work (as per the guidelines).


Q: What if I have child care issues and am unable to come to work?

A: You must reach out to your respective supervisor and inform them of your child care issues.  NYC Department of Education has opened up Education Centers for those needing childcare.  There is a quick application form that must be completed and submitted.  
The application can be found here: 


Q: Who is considered an essential worker? 

A: The governor and mayor have outlined who are deemed essential workers and who should safely report to work.  NOTE: Those members who were deemed non-essential in the upcoming weeks may be reassigned to functions that are applicable in light of this crisis, as per DCAS. 

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