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Fathers Forward Inc.: Career Day Presentation

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Zoom with us on A Virtual Career Day! President Anthony Wells is a guest speaker!


Fathers Forward Inc.

Career Day Presentation:

Approximant Run of Show


Thursday, April 22nd 2021


Meeting link:   

5:00 pm Tech staff calls time

5:30 pm Participants call time

5:55 pm Event live stream begins (screen share – video – “Put God First” by Denzel Washington)

6:00 pm Welcome by hosts Melvin Alston, Executive Secretary

6:05 pm Rev. Abraham Thomas- Invocation

Intro by Hassan – President.

6:10 pm   Inspirational video footage on careers (Zoom Manager)

Introduction of Zoom Manager – Ernest Clayton, Financial Secretary

Intro by Melvin

Introduction of guests by name (Each presenter will have 10 minutes to give background on their work i.e. profession, how they got to where they are, possible challenges and obstacles. Any advice they would like to give to the children and families).  

Questions can possibly be answered at the end or if presenter is available and if time permits.  


Time is approximated:

6:15 pm Introduction: Guest participant: New York State Senator Brian Benjamin   

 6:25 pm Introduction: Mrs. Nilisa Legend – Digital Marking Manger at Canada Goose  

6:35 pm Introduction: Mr. Anthony Wells – DC 37 Local 371 Union President Anthony Wells

 6:45 pm Introduction: Dr. Arsenio Gonzalez -Pharmacist    

6:55 pm Introduction: Mr. Justin Williams- Lt. United States Marine Corp.        

7: 05 pm Introduction: Hon. Judge – J. Machelle Sweeting – New York State Acting Supreme Court Judge

 7:15 pm Introduction: Mr. William Landers – Financial Services Advisor 

7:25 pm Introduction:  Mr. Bill Griffin – President of New York Chapter of National Action Network

7:35 pm Introduction: Ms. Sasa Rodriguez – Lt. United States Air Force, Karate Expert and 2021 U.S. Olympic prospect

7: 45 pm Closing from Hosts or Manager update on Fathers Forward website

At their own discursion participants, can /may provide contact information on screen or in the chat.


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