Official 15-Day Election Notice


Dear SSEU Local 371 Member,

In view of the outbreak of Covid-19, the executive board of the American Federation of State, county and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), our International Union and parent organization, has decided to temporarily waive the usual conduct of nominations at in-person meetings and permit them to be done virtually so long as certain safeguards are met.

The notice of nomination and election of delegates must comply with the standards set forth in the AFSCME Election Code, Appendix D of the International Constitution as well as the AFSCME Election Manual.  Any dues paying member of the local may nominate delegates to the AFSCME Convention by submitting nominations for each position in two ways:

(1) Electronically via the link to a web form below that will be accessible from 9 a.m. Thursday, April 14th through 5 p.m. on Friday, April 15th
(2) Via Zoom teleconference during the Virtual General Membership meeting held on April 18th at 6:30 pm.

To be eligible to run delegates to the International Convention, you must be a member in good standing (i.e., pay dues) from the 12th month of the 12-month period that forms the basis of the local’s representation and remain in good standing until the opening of the convention.  Nominators should identify themselves by first name, last name, agency at which they are employed, their title, their full personal street address, their personal telephone and/or cell phone numbers, and submit their nominations using their personal email address.

Nominators must include the first name, last name, personal street address, telephone number and cell phone number of the nominee(s).  Also, identify the nominee’s agency, title, and their personal email address.

The Election Committee will post the list of candidates at

Any member who wishes to challenge the eligibility of a candidate must do so by submitting a challenge to the Election Committee at:

Nominations submitted electronically must be received by April 15th at 5 p.m.  Nominations received after this deadline will not be accepted.  Nominations can also be made on the floor at the virtual nomination meeting.  An election will be conducted if there are more nominees than positions available.

Official 15-day notice is hereby given that nominations will be held for AFSCME Delegates/Alternates and Welfare and Charles Ensley Educational Funds at the General Membership meeting to be held virtually on April 18, 2022.  At the meeting, candidates previously nominated electronically via a web-form will be announced.  At that time, additional nominations can also be made during the live video conference.

You must be a member in good standing to participate (contingent upon paying dues).

At the membership meeting via Zoom teleconference Monday, April 18, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. (see registration link above), the following nominations and/or elections will be held:

  1. Nominations of candidates for twenty-one (21) positions of Delegates to the AFSCME Convention and for twenty-two (22) positions of Alternates to the AFSCME Convention.
  2. Nomination of candidates for seven (7) positions of Trustee of the Welfare and Charles Ensley Educational Funds for two-year term commencing in 2022.

If there are any questions, they should be directed to the Election Committee at:

In solidarity,

Manuela Garrett

SSEU Local 371 Election Committee