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There are a number of positions currently available at SLU. We want to circulate these postings widely to ensure a broad, diverse pool of qualified candidates. Please share this announcement with your networks!
Distinguished Lecturer in Labor Studies
The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies seeks a Distinguished Lecturer to teach undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Labor Studies, advise students, serve on academic committees, and help build the organizational and intellectual capacity of the School. The ideal candidate will be a respected expert practitioner in the labor field, capable of exposing students to a wide range of experiences and skills, both intellectual and practical. This is a one-year, full-time, non-tenure track position with a maximum appointment period of seven years, subject to annual reappointment. Employment will begin at the start of the Spring 2022 or Fall 2022.
Associate Director of Internships and Experiential Learning
Union Semester and Community Semester are unique semester-long experiential learning programs that combine rigorous academic study with hands-on experience and opportunities to gain the academic and practical skills to effect change. The Union Semester program pairs students from across the country and around the world with labor unions and worker-rights organizations to learn firsthand the strategies these organizations use to fight for worker rights. Community Semester provides local students with an opportunity to learn how community-based organizations fight for social and economic justice, housing rights, immigrant rights, tenants’ rights, and community empowerment. Other internships are currently being developed with city and state legislative bodies and agencies. The Associate Director of Internships and Experiential Learning will design, implement and manage the Union and Community Semester Programs, and develop other specialized internship initiatives.
Senior Academic Advisor
The Senior Academic Advisor will provide integral advisement and support to working adult undergraduate and graduate students from admission through graduation. S/he will work with an assigned caseload of students and provide individualized outreach, needs assessment, academic guidance, timely feedback and appropriate referrals to school and community support services and resources to navigate students’ academic progress, facilitate their academic success and enhance their professional development. 
Career Counselor: Social Justice
The Career Counselor will support SLU students and alumni interested in pursuing careers in social justice and labor, and develop relationships with social justice-oriented employers including unions, community organizations, and advocacy organizations to create employment opportunities for SLU students and alumni. The career counselor will also work to make SLU students and alumni aware of opportunities to participate in the programming of its new Leadership Center for Democracy and Social Justice (LCDSJ) and other fellowship and internship opportunities.
Career Counselor: Public Service and Social Justice (Part-Time)
 The Career Specialist will support SLU students and alumni in exploring public service and civil service careers, including identifying career pathways in the public sector, connecting to career development resources, and providing ongoing support throughout the job search process. S/he will also develop relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the public sector to create employment opportunities for SLU students and alumni. 
Executive Coordinator at the Leadership Center for Democracy and Social Justice (LCDSJ)
The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies is partnering with the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at City College of New York to establish a national center to recruit, develop and connect diverse leaders for social change who can imagine and implement visionary solutions for the enormous challenges of the 21st century. LCDSJ is seeking an Executive Coordinator to provide administrative support to two Co-Chairs and the Executive Director of the Center. Duties include but are not limited to scheduling, organizing public events such as panels and forums, and providing other administrative support. This is an exciting opportunity to be part a dynamic, responsive learning culture that seeks to meet the needs of social justice organizations and emerging leaders of color.
Upcoming Virtual Programs @CUNYSLU
How are Workers Building Cooperatives
in the Youth Services Sector?
Youth-Workers Unite!
Worker-Owned Cooperatives
Tuesday, November 23, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (ET)
Speakers include:
Listen to the Reinventing Solidarity podcast:
featuring Zephyr Teachout
Throughout much of U.S. history, anti-trust movements – joined by farmers, laborers, abolitionists, and small businesspeople – were a force to be reckoned with in American politics. Then, in the late 1970s, anti-monopoly fervor began to subside and remained dormant for the next 40 years.
The tides have now begun to change, with the appointment of leading anti-trust experts to the Biden administration, and a growing number of labor and grassroots organizers once again taking aim at monopoly power. This history and the present urgency of anti-trust organizing is the subject of episode 22 of Reinventing Solidarity.
Listen to this episode here.
The Reinventing Solidarity podcast is available now on 
SLU.CUNY.EDU/PODCAST and on these platforms:
Featured Article:
“Sustaining the Unsustainable:
Why Renewable Energy Companies
Are Not Climate Warriors”
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Education is Power. 
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