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New ACS Overtime Lawsuit

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The Union is very pleased to announce that the lawyers handling the FLSA overtime lawsuits on behalf of Local 371 members are preparing another case to be filed on behalf of Child Protective Specialists and Child Protective Specialist Supervisors Levels I and II. Over 3000 Local 371 members recovered significant damages in these previous cases, and since the City has not changed its practices with respect overtime pay – specifically, compensating for pre-shift, post-shift and meal period work, issuing overtime payments on a timely basis, and properly calculating the overtime rate – these violations under the federal overtime law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), continue to occur. The case will seek to recover damages going back to approximately June 2020, depending on the date the case is filed.

Each member must individually sign up for the case in order to be a plaintiff in the case and eligible to recover damages.  You can easily sign up through the below link which will direct you to electronically fill out the form to join the case. Please make sure to complete the form in its entirety (including full SSN).  When the case is ready to be filed, you will receive a letter from the law firms confirming that you are eligible to participate in the case.

To sign up for the new Child Protective Specialists FLSA overtime pay case click here.

If you have any questions about this new lawsuit, please contact the law firms directly:

Spivak Lipton LLP

Hope Pordy, Esq.

(212) 765-2100

Direct Contact: Nicole Landig



McGillivary Steele Elkin LLP

Gregory K. McGillivary, Esq.

(202) 833-8855

Direct Contact: Brooke Ryan



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