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New Contract Is Here!

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DC 37 2021-2026 Economic Agreement Has Been Overwhelmingly Ratified!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I get my money?

It usually takes at least six pay periods, or 12 weeks, from the date of ratification.

2. Why is the ratification bonus pro-rated for part-timers?

It is based on total hours worked for the purpose of costing with the City and we are trying to be as fair as possible to all of our members.

3. Do I have to pay taxes on the Bonus and/or the Retro Pay?

Yes. You have to pay taxes on all the income earned.

4. Will there be a separate check?

No. It will not be in a separate check. The tax rate on a separate check is much higher than a regular payroll check because there are no deductions or exemptions and it would not benefit the membership.

5. Can I increase my deductions to my Deferred Compensation plan (DCP) before the retro is paid to save on taxes?

Yes. Please note that it normally takes one pay period for a DCP deferral change to update as long as the participant doesn’t miss the deadline for that particular pay date. If the participant missed the deadline, then it may take two pay periods. The participant can select this change either on an on-going or a one-time particular pay date to have their deferral percentages take effect. This transaction must be completed by the participant via the Participant Website:

6. What if I changed my title during this period?

Retroactive calculations will take into account whether you changed status in any way, from part time to full time, from one title to another, or from one covered union to another. The raises cover the dates that you are in a DC 37 represented title.

7. What if I retired in 2020?

There will be no retro if you retired in 2020.

8. What if I retired in 2021?

If you retired before May 26, 2021, there will be no retro. If you retired after May 26, 2021, depending on how long after that date, you will receive some retro based on the time you worked. Retro pay will only apply to time on active payroll, not for time on terminal leave.

9. Will retro include cash overtime or comp time?

Yes, which may cause individual calculations to take a little longer.

10. What if I just started in January 2023?

If you are a full time employee, you will receive the full amount of the bonus. If you are a part time or hourly employee, you will receive a pro-rated amount.

11. Are there changes to the healthcare?

No. There are no changes to the current health care plans. There are no premiums, nor do we expect to have any premiums. Health care for DC 37 members is negotiated along with all the other city unions at the Municipal Labor Committee table. We expect to find savings and protect health care costs and quality.

12. When can I figure out how much retro I will get?

Use this sample retro calculator to see how much retro you’ll be getting:

Full time annual employees: Annual Retro Calculator

(Please double-click in the yellow box, type the amount and hit ‘Enter.’)

*Amounts are pre-tax estimates on base rate for 12 month employees.
** This calculator assumes that you have been in active pay status continuously since May 2021.

Hourly SCHOOL BASED Work Year:
Salary Increase and Retro Pay Calculator*

(Please double-click in the yellow box, type the amount and hit ‘Enter.’)

*Amounts are pre-tax estimates.
** This calculator assumes that you have been in active pay status continuously since May 2021.

These calculators estimate retroactive payment through May 25, 2023 and do not include future increases due on May 26, 2023, May 26, 2024 or May 26, 2025.

These calculators are for estimation purposes only. Overtime hours worked will be included in retro. Individual taxes will vary; these calculations are gross-before-taxes amounts.

13. How can I get assistance with Child Care?

The Union will set up a Child Care Trust Fund, with Union Trustees serving as the fiduciary responsible parties for the fund. More information will be available after ratification.

14. Will there be layoffs because this contract is so expensive?

The city’s budget has a surplus going into July 2023 for the fiscal year 2024. There are thousands of vacancies that need to be filled. We do not expect layoffs.

15. When can I start remote work?

The joint committee will identify what agencies and types of workers will be eligible for remote work and make announcements after June 1, 2023.

16. If I am on Worker’s Comp, will I receive the ratification bonus?

If you chose option #1 and are using your own time then you are on active pay status and will receive the ratification bonus. If you chose option #2 or if you run out of time in option #1 and are put into option #2, you will not receive the bonus.

17. What is considered Active Status?

Only Active Pay Status workers covered under the DC 37 contract are eligible to receive the $3,000 ratification bonus.

You must be on Active Status on the date of ratification to receive the bonus. Being on the city payroll, or under approved leaves such as Paid Family Leave or Military Leave with Pay, count as active status.

Examples of Non-Active Status or unpaid status include: being terminated for cause from city service; resignation or on terminal leave from city service; or otherwise separated from city service, including being on Unpaid FMLA or Worker’s Compensation leave using only accrued time.


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