Help Get Out The Vote and Lets Get Trump Out of the White House!

Wednesday 07 October 2020


Donald Trump just told working people he couldn’t care less about us. He announced on Twitter that he is ending negotiations over a new COVID stimulus bill, meaning he has refused to help stop the layoffs and furloughs of public service workers on the front lines of this pandemic. There will be no help for the millions of Americans whose lives have been thrown into chaos because he has refused to listen to experts who could have gotten the virus under control.

That means AFSCME members like you, the very people who have responded to the pandemic and put their lives on the lines to protect their communities, will face more furloughs and layoffs. Even though our union has led the fight for relief to save public service jobs, it’s clear now Trump just doesn’t care. The only way to stop the madness is to Vote. Him. Out.

And it’s not just public service jobs. People who have already lost jobs at restaurants, airlines and other private companies won’t be able to pay rent with unemployment benefits being cut off. They won’t be able to pay their bills, afford prescription drugs. Kids and parents struggling with virtual learning will face even more uncertainty as school budgets are cut.

Donald Trump’s cruelty has left us with one, and only one path forward: Vote him out of office.

Volunteer now. Sign up for an AFSCME Virtual Field office to help us get out the vote. Let’s work hard together, beat Donald Trump in November, and make sure we fund those who are on the front lines of keeping Americans healthy and safe.



Working people deserve a president who will stand up for them. Donald Trump won’t. Joe Biden will. It’s that simple.

In solidarity,

Lee Saunders
AFSCME President

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