Commissioner's Announcement: ACS Tele-work Policy Remains in Effect Until Further Notice

Monday 22 June 2020




ACS Tele-work Policy Remains in Effect Until Further Notice


Dear ACS Staff:


NYC continues to make great progress in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks largely to compliance with public health guidelines on social distancing. As you may know, New York City is expected to enter Phase 2 of recovery/re-opening from COVID-19 on Monday, June 22, 2020. 


We do not anticipate any immediate changes at ACS. We have just launched our ReSet Task Force, which will develop our agency’s plan for Phase 2 and beyond. Before we change our current policies on tele-work, we need to address a number of issues in all of our facilities, including how we will maintain social distancing and other measures to prevent COVID transmission, health screening of staff who are returning to the workplace, work schedules that will support our mission while also protecting staff, and many others. Staff safety is paramount, and we will take as much time as we need to put the right policies and protocols in place.


I want to clarify that the current tele-work policy remains in effect until further notice. ACS staff who have been designated as able to tele-work should continue to do so and will not be required to report back to their offices until we can confirm those workplaces are safe and compliant with the guidelines in effect upon return.


Thank you for all of the work you are doing to keep children safe and families supported during this challenging time.




David A. Hansell

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