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President Wells’ Statement

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Unions Oppose Mayor de Blasio’s Order That Workers Fully Return to Offices

This week, the mayor announced that on September 13, 2021, all workers will return to their offices. Agencies across the city sent emails notifying their employees.

We are opposed to this order. The mayor did not engage in discussions with unions. He has not addressed any of our concerns. He has not negotiated a policy around testing and vaccinations. In fact, his unilateral policies seek to punish rather than to accommodate or resolve. Further he refuses to discuss any remote working plans.

The Municipal Labor Committee (I’m a vice chair) will be voting this week on what type of legal action to take on the mayor’s refusal to bargain. The DC 37 presidents have authorized the Council’s attorneys to prepare legal actions.

It is outrageous that the mayor has taken the position to unilaterally impose his policies without negotiating with labor. We will continue to advocate for our members and support DC 37 and the MLC’s legal actions.


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