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Reflecting on the true meaning of Labor Day

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When most people think of Labor Day, they think of cookouts, back-to-school, and an extra day off work. But this year, I hope you’ll join me in reflecting on the true meaning of Labor Day: recognizing the contributions of laborers and the American labor movement to our very way of life.

New York City is a proud union town, and we can trace so many of the workplace benefits that we now take for granted — from basic safety protections to the 40-hour workweek — back to our city’s rich history of worker-led movements. And though we’ve made tremendous progress, our fight continues thanks to the union members who strive to make our city a safer, more prosperous place.

As the son of a union member, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of labor organizing: being part of a union was what allowed my mother — a single mom raising her six children in a modest home — to provide for our family and keep a roof over our heads. And out on the campaign trail, I’ve heard countless stories just like mine.

As our city battles COVID-19, rising unemployment, deep inequality, and persistent anti-union efforts that undermine our workers, it’s as important as ever that workers have a true friend in City Hall. And as Mayor, that’s exactly the type of leader I’ll be.

I wrote about my fight to give New York workers a fair deal in my New York Daily News op-ed. You can read the full article here.

To my union brothers and sisters who’ve supported this campaign from the very beginning and to every worker fighting to make New York City a better place, thank you.

Happy Labor Day,


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