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As you know, New York City Mayor Eric Adams took office on January 1st. How should the new mayor and his team approach issues like economic development, housing, and healthcare? How should they approach challenges like COVID-19 and climate change?

Make your voice heard by taking the NYC Speaks survey today.

NYC Speaks is a six-month citywide public engagement and government transformation initiative directly engaging everyday New Yorkers to inform the priorities and policies of the new mayoral administration. The first step is a citywide survey developed in partnership with civic leaders from across the city. In the weeks and months ahead, NYC Speaks will host Community Conversation events to gather qualitative insights and Action Planning Workshops inviting leaders from across sectors and communities to make sense of the data together.

The survey touches on health & wellbeing, economic vitality & workforce development, public safety, housing & neighborhoods, education & youth development, arts & culture, climate & infrastructure, equity & racial justice, and gender justice. It takes 5 to 20 minutes to fill out, depending on how many of the issues you want to weigh in on. You can take the survey in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Korean, Arabic, Urdu, French, or Polish.

Union members help carry out city government policies, and union members’ lives are shaped by city government policies. Union members serving on civic policy councils were among those who helped craft the questions, and we must ensure that union members are represented in the Please take the NYC Speaks survey before 1/28.

To follow along and learn about the results, follow @NYCspeaks2022 on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can find more ways to get engaged at


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