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A Message From Henry Garrido

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October 31, 2022

Dear DC 37 Family,

As I shared with you last month, we’re doing everything we can to protect the benefits you have earned and deserve for serving our city. We’ve reached a critical point in the fight for your healthcare, and now we need your help.

Here’s the bottom line: The money that pays for city employee, retiree and dependent healthcare has run out. The bills continue to pile up at a rate of $50 million per month and we have to take drastic measures to pay for it. We have vetted and implemented every available option to realize savings and stop the healthcare fund from bleeding dry. Now, we need the City Council to amend the language in Administrative Code 12-126, which is essential to preserving premium-free healthcare benefits for you, New York City’s hardworking public servants.

Because the shortfall in the healthcare fund continues to grow, the City is considering imposing premiums on active employees and retirees if the City Council doesn’t act immediately.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Call your City Council Member. Enter your address here to find your Council Member’s District Office phone number. Call and tell them: Protect premium-free healthcare for City employees and amend Administrative Code 12-126!

2) Write a letter to your Council Member. Click this link to send a pre-populated email to their office.

3) Share this message with your union sisters and brothers. Encourage them to join us in taking action to protect your benefits. Need more information? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

There are those who want to scare you into rejecting any changes we propose. These individuals are not telling you the truth. Unfortunately, the volume and frequency of misinformation they are spreading will risk the very premium-free health benefits we have worked so hard to secure for you for the last four decades.

The status quo is not financially sustainable. The consequences of not taking action now are:

  • Healthcare premiums for actives, retirees and dependents
  • The removal of choice in your healthcare plans

This is why we need your help—now.

By telling the New York City Council to amend the administration code, you can help us defend premium-free healthcare and availability of plan choices for you and your families for generations to come.

We will get through this together. We are DC 37 strong.

In solidarity,

Henry Garrido
Executive Director
District Council 37


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