Secretary Treasurer

Secretary Treasurer's Section - At the Heart of Financial Accountability

The Secretary-Treasurers office administers the treasury of the Local and keeps the financial books and records of the Local. Periodic reports of the financial state of the Local are prepared and presented to the official bodies of the Union. These statements are published semi-annually. 

The membership rolls of the Local are kept, the collection of dues are administered, and causes the required Per Capita payments to be made. 

Secretary Treasurer’s section is also responsible for office management, clerical-secretarial, as well as equipment purchase, care, and inventory. It also Keeps the files of minutes of all Union meetings except where the Election Committee has jurisdiction and administers elections in the Local.

The above responsibilities are carried out with the assistance of the Associate-Treasurer, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, and two mailroom support staff.

Secretary Treasurer's Team

Vincent Ciccarello

Secretary Treasurer

Andrea Walters

Associate Secretary Treasurer

Rosa Fernandez

Confidential Secretary

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Frenchie Williams

Office Manager

Tonya Baker

Administrative Assistant

Rodney Williams

Mailroom Clerk