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UPDATE on Feiner, et al v. City of New York (JOS/AJOS I) / SETTLEMENT PAYMENT STATUS

Settlement payments for the Feiner plaintiffs who are still employed and receive their wages via direct deposit are expected to be made with this week’s payroll.

We are awaiting notification of when the remaining payments for liquidated damages and attorneys fees, as well as the paper back pay checks for separated employees. Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, the City has until April 17, 2023, to make all the settlement payments owed.

Your Mighty Union will keep you posted with any further developments!

Plaintiffs should NOT contact HRA or HRA legal if they have any questions about the settlement. Those offices cannot answer any questions about the lawsuit. Anyone with questions about receipt of payment should contact the law firms directly.

Contact Information:

Spivak Lipton:

Nicole Landig

212.765.2100 (tel:212.765.2100) ex. 260

McGillivary Steele Elkin:

Sandy Patel

866.833.8860 (tel:866.833.8860)


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